This is our most common service and would suggest to be done twice a year on bikes that are used regularly.

  • Bike cleaned and degreased before start of service
  • Frame wiped down and checked for damage/cracks
  • Drive system removed including pedals, chainset, bottom bracket, chain and cassette. All cleaned,greased where applicable and refitted or replaced if worn**
  • Seat post removed, cleaned and re-fitted with clamp correctly tightened to recommended torque
  • Brakes checked (new pads fitted if required)
  • Headset removed and handlebar assembly checked and correctly tightened to recommended torque
  • Remove handlebars to grease bolts
  • Check all inner and outer cables (**replace if required)
  • Gears checked/re-aligned
  • Wheels trued off the bike
  • Tyres checked and inflated correctly (**replaced if required)
  • All Bolts and contact point checked and tightened to recommended torque

** please note additional parts if required will incur additional charges